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The Payroll Site® lets you calculate your payroll at your convenience: any time, anywhere.

Open a free trial account and calculate your first payroll online within 5 minutes. You can produce payslips and tax summaries at your convenience, 24 hours a day from any Internet connected computer. We are offering a 1 month free payroll trial. After the trial, you can continue for just £5.75 per month (for up to 5 employees, excl. VAT). Click here NOW for your 1 month free payroll trial.

Our online PAYE service takes care of all of the payroll needs of a small UK business. This includes the calculation of PAYE and NIC deductions from each wage payment and enabling you to print payslips. You can send Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC, as almost all employers are now required to do.

The Payroll Site has been providing its Online Payroll service since 2004. It is very simple to use and is automatically kept up to date with the latest UK tax rules, rates and limits. The Payroll Site puts you in complete control: You can calculate PAYE, NIC and other deductions from wages and print payslips at any time of the day or night, totally free of human error.

You can start a free trial right away and print your first payslips within 5 minutes. Our Getting Started Guide explains how to use The Payroll Site for calculating PAYE and producing payslips for the first time, and our Help and Information Guide provides more detailed instructions. If you are an accountant or payroll bureau, an agent account could save you time by combining multiple payrolls within a single account.

Below are examples of how a company with 5 staff could calculate the PAYE and NIC deductions from their monthly wages.
  Manual Typical Accountant Sage Instant Payroll The Payroll Site
Available Hours 24 hrs x 7 days Office Hours 24 hrs x 7 days 24 hrs x 7 days
Ease of access Time consuming By phone + post From a single PC From anywhere
Software installed on PC? no no yes no
Accuracy Error prone Rare human errors Accurate if updated annually Accurate
Filing RTI returns no yes yes yes
Monthly cost (excl. VAT) Your time £20 £9.58 (or £115 annually) £5.75
Initial commitment Your time Set-up fee varies 12 months No tie-in. First month free.