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Our Network

All customer information is kept securely on our own computer systems located in the UK.

Our service is provided using 128 bit encryption and digital certificates to ensure all communications are secure.

As well as our main UK datacentre, we have a complete duplicate set of equipment at a second datacentre, in a separate geographical location within the UK. When customers update information at our main site, it is automatically replicated in real time across an encrypted channel to our secondary data centre. Should a major catastrophe befall our main datacentre, this design allows us to switch the service to our standby datacentre with minimal interruption to the service.

Our datacentres both benefit from the following features to support the security and reliability of our service:
  • Diverse fibre optic connections
  • Full uninterruptible power supply system with generator backup
  • Multiple redundant air conditioning systems
  • 24 hour actively monitored building-wide CCTV systems
  • 24 hour server monitoring
  • 24 hour on-site security guards

Planned Maintenance / Upgrades

Our systems are designed to allow most software changes to be applied with zero downtime.
When major upgrades are needed, these may require a few minutes of downtime (in the middle of the night, when our customers are asleep).
All decommissioned equipment goes through a destruction process to ensure no customer information is recoverable.

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